El Toro Web-To-Home Delivers 1,100% Return on Ad Spend for a National Home Furnishings Retailer

Because furniture is regarded as an emotional purchase, individuals tend to thoroughly research products before making a purchase. A national retailer of home furnishings with over $3B dollars in annual revenue was trying to capitalize on its web traffic and leverage individuals’ research to boost its sales.

Using Web-To-Home, this national retailer collected anonymous IP addresses that were tied to their website’s abandonments and mapped them back to their corresponding physical home mailing addresses. The home records which El Toro was able to append an IP address with a 95% certainty were then sent a custom-printed First-Class Mail piece through a licensed El Toro print partner. Households across four states located near brick-and-mortar store locations were targeted, while current customers and prospects who received other direct mail initiatives during the month of the offer were suppressed from the Web-To-Home mailings.

A MatchBack Analysis revealed that during the month-long Web-To-Home campaign, 0.9% of all targeted homes converted by purchasing at brick-and-mortar retail locations. The conversion rate for homes that received a Web-To-Home mailer was 4,400% higher than the conversion rate of home records that abandoned the website but were not engaged with a Web-To-Home mail piece.

Most importantly, the national retailer’s resulting Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for this campaign was over 1,100%. El Toro’s Web-To-Home transformed, engaged, and interested anonymous online window shoppers into legitimate sales prospects and generated $250,000 dollars in incremental additional revenue.

Adding a new advertising channel to capitalize on web traffic is a welcome one, but no other product or service bridges the online-to-offline sales journey as well as El Toro’s Web-To-Home. It’s no bull, El Toro works.