Formula 1 Advertising: Reach Fans with El Toro’s Strategies

In this digital age, where attention is a prized commodity, Formula 1 stands as a powerhouse platform for brands seeking to captivate audiences. With its blend of speed, innovation, and glamour, Formula 1 allows advertisers to engage with billions (with a b) of passionate fans worldwide through various media channels. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of Formula 1 advertising, examining its impact, strategies, and the evolving landscape of motorsport marketing.

America is Feeling the Need for Speed

Formula 1 is the world's premiere motorsport, with an unmatched combination of technology, glamour, and big personalities. F1 has always held a large and loyal following in Europe, South America, and Asia. But America has always resisted the foreign motorsport invader. NASCAR is as American as apple pie, and it dominated the American motorsport scene from the 1990s until the early 2010s. In the last decade however, NASCAR has been slipping.

Until 2018, F1 never had much interest in the American market outside of the race held in the States each year in Austin. Americans didn't want F1 and F1 seemingly didn't want American fans. This all changed in 2019 however with Liberty Media buying Formula 1 and the subsequent release of Netflix's Formula 1: Drive to Survive. Which caused F1 to explode in popularity in the United States. F1 then doubled down on that popularity by adding a second Race in the U.S. in Miami, then tripled down by adding the Las Vegas GP in 2023.

All of this is to say that advertising on Formula 1 in the United States is now a very worthwhile prospect with all of the digital tools available. Formula 1 races see an average of 1.1 million viewers in the States, double what it had before 2018. According to the Statista research department, there are over 49 million F1 fans in the United States making it slightly smaller than the NHL.

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What Formula 1 Does Right

Formula 1 is truly a world motorsport, with drivers and teams from around the globe. F1 also has a huge global presence. F1 might not be the biggest sport in America, but the sport has over 1.5 billion fans worldwide.

F1 has captivated sports fans with its presence, every F1 race is treated as a hallmark event at each circuit they travel to across the globe. This is in contrast to most other sports in America, where regular season games are exciting for the hometown team, but rarely attract other fans. Imagine if the Super Bowl was every weekend, that is the level of hype and excitement we are talking about for local fans.

Formula 1 Advertising Channels

In the sports world, Formula 1 has a huge digital presence. Not only do all of the events stream on platforms like ESPN and F1TV, but F1 has a Netflix show as previously mentioned. Formula 1 also has a huge social media following, with millions of followers across all social media platforms.

Formula 1 Advertising on Social Media

Since Formula 1 is so international, social media has become one of the best places to engage with drivers, teams, other fans, and Formula 1 itself. F1 has an impressive social media presence boasting a combined 41 million followers between Instagram and Facebook. F1 teams and drivers have similar followings as well.

With El Toro, we serve ads on Facebook and Instagram using our IP Targeting technology, ensuring a 95% confidence interval so you know your ads are reaching the right people.

Formula 1 Advertising At the Races

Much of the preceding information relies on one thing, knowing your audience are Formula 1 fans. What if you don't have an existing audience of race fans? How would you find or generate a list of F1 fans?

El Toro is here to the rescue with Venue Replay. With Venue Replay and El Toro's patented GeoFramingTM tech, you can capture Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) seen at the three Formula 1 races held in the United States each year. While three races might not sound like a lot to get a target market, F1 weekend attendance is much higher than your typical stadium event. Between the U.S. GP in Austin, The Miami GP, and the Las Vegas GP, 1 million fans showed up across the U.S. to watch F1 live.

El Toro inventories these MAIDs seen at F1 races across the country so your company can use them to target prospects in their homes, on their devices, via direct mail, on OTT, and more. For a more in-depth overview of how Venue Replay and GeoFramingTM work, click here.

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El Toro for Formula 1 Advertising

Advertising on Formula 1 with El Toro presents a great opportunity for brands aiming to connect with an engaged audience. With Formula 1's exponential growth in popularity in the United States, driven by their social media initiatives and the success of Netflix's Drive to Survive, the sport now boasts a significant following and digital presence.

Leveraging social media platforms for engagement, advertisers can access millions of passionate fans in the U.S.. El Toro's Venue Replay and IP Targeting, enhance the precision and effectiveness of advertising efforts, ensuring your brand reaches its audience with maximum impact. In an era where attention is currency, stands as a dynamic and influential platform for advertisers seeking to make a lasting impression.


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