IP Targeting: For Black Friday, Cyber Monday, And All Your Retail Advertising

The countdown begins

The day after Thanksgiving kicks off some of the biggest shopping days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year, the shopping holiday saw a total of 155 million American shoppers, with 88 million making a purchase online and 66.5 million shopping in-store. The popularity of eCommerce is more than apparent, and leading companies have taken notice. Amazon recently announced that the company will be hosting a second Prime Day in October for the first time ever.

With eCommerce, one of the leading forms of advertising is email marketing. Think back to the mountains of Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails you’ve received throughout November. Do the subject lines, “Black Friday Preview Event - Buy More, Save More!” and “30% Off, Only Today, Only Online!” sound familiar? The messaging is highly effective, but what if we told you that El Toro could make your eCommerce campaigns drive even more sales.  

Email marketing is great, but so is targeted advertising

The days email marketing alone could drive web traffic and sales are behind us, and we can back that statement up. Email marketing has several benefits. First, It’s affordable as you have the initial costs of building a mailing list and investing in email marketing software. Email marketing also allows you to reach multiple targets quickly and track how many targets open your email and click on embedded links. 

Like other marketing methods, email marketing does have some drawbacks. Emails could get marked as spam or not even be opened and sent to the trash. In 2020, nearly 8% of all U.S commercial emails were sent to spam. This occurs for several reasons: inaccurate or inactive email addresses, the use of spam trigger words, weak subject lines, including attachments, and incorrect spelling or grammar. Another drawback is that your emails may not be reaching the right audience. Even if you have millions of email addresses on your mailing list, your campaign will fall short if they don’t belong to the targets most likely to convert. 


Remove the drawbacks of email marketing

We’re not saying abandon your email marketing methods. But, what if you could replace the drawbacks that come with email marketing? Imagine the success of pairing IP Targeting technology with your targeted list to deliver direct mail, digital banner ads, and OTT Video ads. 

  1. Unlike email marketing, your campaigns are precisely delivered and seen by the audience most likely to convert. There’s no opportunity for your campaigns to be sent to inactive targets or to spam and trash folders. This is possible because El Toro directly delivers your ads to a target’s device by matching the physical address to the device’s IP address at a 95% confidence level.   
  2. Unlike email marketing, you can see which sales directly resulted from your campaigns, providing you with a true Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS). Utilizing the IP address and real human behavior in digital advertising eliminates wasted spending and optimizes your budget. 
  3. Unlike email marketing, you can frequently make changes to campaigns to ensure you are targeting audiences most likely to convert with the most effective messaging and CTAs. Once an email is sent, revisions and edits can not be made.

But wait, there’s more

El Toro is no stranger to eCommerce advertising, especially during the year's biggest shopping days. In one of our most successful eCommerce campaigns, El Toro helped deliver the best possible results for a national furniture retailer’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale period. The client utilized Venue Replay to target shoppers at competing locations, Digital New Movers to target shoppers who had just moved, and Web-to-Home to send online website visitors direct mail pieces. The client had an impressive ROAS of 840.43% and an enormous amount of online and in-person sales made. Effectively reach Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers before, during, and after their shopping sprees this year with the leader in IP Targeting technology. 

To find out more about how El Toro’s revolutionary and patented advertising technology can help you make noise this shopping season, reach out to our team today.


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