What is IP Targeting?

IP Targeting is the process of taking IP addresses and using them for the purpose of ad targeting.

An IP address is a simple series of numbers. An IP address is a unique number assigned to a specific device’s network connection. Think of it like a social security number or a fingerprint, each IP is unique to that specific network connection.

Internet Service Providers, who host these overall network connections, are the ones who assign these IP addresses.

Essentially, each network has its own string of numbers specific to that connection. Then beyond this, a device has its own specific IP address. The IP address of a device will be dependent on where it is currently getting its network connection from.

How is the Targeting of IPs used for Advertising Purposes?

what is ip targeting

With IP Targeting, we’re taking IP addresses and  delivering digital ads to the people who are using those IPs. By having firsthand access to these specific network addresses we’re able to place digital ads across the entire networks found within the specified physical addresses.

Think of it in comparison with direct mail. Printed advertisements are sent to specified lists of physical addresses with direct mail advertising. In the case of IP Targeting, ElToro is doing the same thing as direct mail, except the advertisement is being placed digitally.

IP targeting allows us to send digital ads directly to homes or businesses, making IP Targeting perhaps the most accurate form of advertising.

Who Can Be IP Targeted?

Anyone connected to the Internet.  

IP Targeting is both a consumer and a business targeting device. With IP Targeting, both B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) advertising are a possibility.

When it comes to IP Targeting we simply rely on first having a physical address. Whether that means a typed out address or a mapped out geographical area. Either way, it all begins with the physical address.

Once we have a pinpointed physical address if the data is available and with certainty, we can derive the IP address associated that address.

How Does ElToro Know the IP Address?

What makes IP Targeting so accurate is the level of certainty behind the IP address. 

account based marketing with IP targeting

ElToro has made this possible through data. On a day to day basis, we’re pulling from thousands of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data sources. Our algorithms constantly monitor, digest, and interpret this data. On a typical day, it’s not uncommon for us to analyze over 350 billion points of data.

What we’re looking for here is a consistent correlation between an IP address and a physical address.

Once we have at least a 95% or greater confidence rating behind an IP address being in relation to a physical address, we’re set.

Targeting The IP Address

With IP Targeting, we’re hitting the entire network. IP Targeting isn’t limited to certain platforms or online networks. 

IP Targeting delivers digital advertisements to overall, entire network connections.

When you’re sending ads through IP Targeting, you’re hitting every device connected to the identified network. IP Targeting is omnichannel marketing at it’s finest. 

What IP Targeting is able to do is follow a user as they journey across the web regardless of where they’re browsing. This constant impressionability is what creates real impressions and drives true conversions.

How Accurate is IP Targeting?

By having a constant pulse on relevant and trustworthy online and offline data, we’re able to make use of only the data that we have certainty in.

ip targeting housholds

We bring forth only the IP addresses that we have at least a 95% or greater confidence rate in. Through this, we’re ensuring that IP Targeting is done with a level of precision that can’t be found elsewhere in advertising.

We’re not targeting people based on their possible clicks or social media account interests. IP targeting works by targeting people specifically based on where they actually live or work. 

When you hear bot clicks, incorrect targets, fake accounts, or fraud traffic, know that none of these exist with IP Targeting. By delivering ads to specific IP addresses we remove any and all chance of ad fraud or wasted impressions.

IP Targeting means advertising with certainty. Thanks to IP Targeting, digital advertisers can know exactly who is receiving their advertisements. 

IP Targeting Matchback Analysis

When you know who you’re targeting, you know who is converting. By knowing exactly who your targets are and who is receiving your ads, this allows a more direct approach to analyzing the performance of your digital advertising. 

By starting with the physical address we can show true return on investment. We can compare a list of those who converted versus those who were targeted after a campaign for a transparent look at the return on ad spend.

To learn more, please visit our Matchback Analysis page.


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