ad·tech (noun): advertising technology; all technologies, softwares and services used for delivering, controlling and targeting online ads.
Targeted digital advertising that really works
(And that's no bull)

El Toro brings the location-specific accuracy of direct mail to digital advertising. Through our patent-pending technology we target digital ads to your customer by matching their IP address with their physical address, bringing a wide variety of banner and display ads to the sites the targeted customer visits on the Internet.

Specifically, El Toro offers:

Targeting without having to use cookies, census blocks or geo-location tools.
Flexibility to add conversion pixels and remarketing pixels.
Automatic blocking of adult and low quality spam sites.
IP Targeted video advertising.

Product Arsenal
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IP Targeting

We match postal addresses to IPs with surgical precision so advertisers can serve targeted digital display and video ads to individual houses or buildings using the IP as the entry point.

Mobile Out of Home

Buy the audience you specify, deliver your campaign to them on out-of-home (OOH) screens and their mobile device, and measure the impact of your ad campaign.

Captive Audience

Serve targeted digital ads to entire college campuses, hotels, trade shows, conventions and other venues where masses gather via the locations’ IP addresses.

Reverse Append

We can take an unknown site visitor’s IP address and map it back to their physical address so advertisers can send a direct mail piece.

Digital New Movers

Target people who are moving or have just moved into their new home in almost real time. Our system refreshes twice daily and connects advertisers to consumers in hours, not weeks.

Venue Replay

Venue Replay allows you to capture people’s Device ID’s at events they attend, where they work, where they study, where they shop, all with the intent to advertise to this high value audience. With Venue Replay, we can even go back in time and capture devices from events that happened up to 6 months ago!

Match Back Analysis

Measuring efficacy is simplified and doesn’t require tracking codes, cookies, call tracking, conversion pixels, etc. Our match-back analysis is available for our house-to-house IP Targeting and provides real ROI calculation to customers. To conduct a Match-Back, clients provide a list of sales that occurred during the campaign period, we match it against the target list, and then we provide a list of sales that were a direct result of our IP Targeting campaign.


Being able to prove ROI is huge differentiator for the El Toro system. Unlike other online marketing tools, the El Toro Match-Back is done without the use of UTM codes, conversion pixels, retargeting, or call tracking. We use your real list of sales and compare it to the targeted list to show real ROI!

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