Birthplace of Truth in Advertising


dsc_0777-1The Associated Advertising Clubs of america met at Galt House, on this site, for their fifth annual convention, 1909. Led by Samuel C. Dobbs, the convention took united action to challenge false advertising. This stand began the concept of the Better Business Bureau. By 1918, the Louisville Better Business Bureau, third in the nation, received its charter.”

This historical marker is located just one block away from the El Toro office. The Galt House hotel mentioned on the marker is located approximately two blocks away from our office as well. At El Toro we take pride in where we started and the community that has supported our endeavors. It is very fitting that we are centrally located to the birthplace of truth in advertising. El Toro’s focus has always been to ensure our customers are getting accurate targeting for what they pay for. We hold ourselves to high standards with our accuracy rating. We work hard to develop and nurture honest relationships with our clients so we can guide them towards successful campaigns. On January 31st the American Advertising Federation, formerly known as the Associated Advertising Clubs of America, will be celebrating 111 years in Louisville. Because of their efforts for a more honest business we now have legal measure to ensure truthful advertising. We look forward to continuing our mission of accuracy and truth in advertising.


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