Case Study: El Toro and 2016 Nebraska Voters

As part of the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts for the 2016 general election, the Nebraska Civic Engagement Table (NCET) served targeted digital advertisements reminding people to get out and vote. The NCET worked with El Toro to match Nebraska voter registration rolls with IP address records. Digital advertisements reminding people to vote on phones, computers, and tablets were sent out using El Toro’s robust and user-friendly platform.



Of the 55,523 Nebraskans targeted, we were able to positively match the IP addresses of 35,141. Those 35k Nebraska voters received digital ads reminding them to vote, starting the weekend before the election and continuing through Election Day. By comparing the voting behavior of those Nebraskans who received ads to that of those who didn’t, we can state with confidence that our vote reminder campaign increased voter participation in the 2016 election. Our vote reminders increased voting among those targeted by 3.14% which calculates out to an additional 500 plus votes cast by the Rising American Electorate as a result of this program. In financial terms, this campaign equated to only $22 per vote. Direct mail can cost more than $80 per vote!


Don't just take our word for it, see the results from our Matchback Analysis:

Nebraskans Percent  Votes Percent Turnout Rate Improvement
Matched 35141 63.29% 17,841 64.01% 50.77% 3.14%
Unmatched 20382 36.71% 10,033 35.99% 49.22%
Total 55,523 27,874


As you can see, El Toro IP targeting got Nebraskan voters out of their homes and offices, and to the polls! What's more, El Toro increases sales and conversions for more than just political elections- from automobiles to insurance, from pest control firms to gym memberships, El Toro works.

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