Case Study: El Toro and Health Club Membership


New year’s resolutions are a boom for gyms and health clubs, as individuals are looking to find their fitness in the new year and improve other aspects of their health.

Utilizing its patented technology, El Toro delivers online display, banner, and video ads to devices linked to a household’s specific IP address. Operated through a user-friendly dashboard, El Toro gives its clients the tools they need to advertise digitally at the most precise levels. All we need is a list of physical addresses and El Toro turns the tenants into traffic, leads, and sales dollars.

Below is a case study for an IP targeting campaign we ran for a health club in the northeastern region of the United States. It was looking to boost its memberships just before the new year:


The campaign identified households of potential and former clients and offered discounted memberships as an incentive to join the club--perfect for new year’s resolutions. El Toro’s IP targeting served 77k impressions to 9,700 homes in only 12 days, generating a whopping 172 new memberships. Households that were served with IP-targeted ads were 86% more likely to start a new memberships than those without IP-targeted ads.

Review the numbers below from our matchback analysis:El Toro can be every digital marketer’s secret weapon. Generate more traffic, conversions, and sales dollars with El Toro IP targeting. The technology works across multitudes of industries-- from gyms to automobiles; from large insurance corporations, to small non-profit firms. Straightforward and simple: El Toro works.