Case Study: Home Improvement Brand


A national brand that primarily works within the home improvement industry came to El Toro and wanted to test the efficacy of IP Targeted Digital Advertising. They consistently ran direct mail and when they learned how IP Targeting compliments direct mail, they were excited to see how it would increase their conversions and revenue.


The home improvement brand ran 27 separate campaigns across 17 different markets in the country during an 18-month time span. 1.15 million targets received El Toro’s IP-targeted ads through the use of our patented technology, while a control group of ~1.74 million only received physical mail. These individuals were targeted because of the age of their home, their household income, and if they were actual home owners. Over 11 million impressions were served.

Of this group, we found that our targets were 33% more likely to purchase from the home improvement brand. The Return on Ad Spend was 1065%, making a $10 return on every $1 spent. Lastly, we saw $1,930,000 in incremental sales attributed to these campaigns.

Generate more traffic, conversions, and sales dollars with El Toro IP Targeting. The technology works across every industry- from gyms to automobiles; from large insurance corporations; to small non-profit firms. Straightforward and simple-- El Toro works.


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