Data Hygiene: Targeting & Advertising

Data Hygiene & Assuring Your CRM Is Clean In The Big Data World
By: Connor Gaffneydata hygiene

At El Toro, we deal with client's data every day. Over our years of experience, we’ve become pretty familiar with various formats that companies use for their CRM data. Below, we’ll outline some ways you can improve your data hygiene and ensure an easy workflow for your partners and you. This will help not only El Toro and other partners ensure your one to one marketing campaigns are a success, but will also benefit you by making your data easier to analyze and understand internally.


Communication Between Big Data Departments

One of the number one issues we see for data hygiene is a lack of communication across a company about file storage. When we have to pull information and files from various parts of an organization, it’s always clear which companies work closely to coordinate their data. Making sure all departments are aware of which pieces they are responsible for, and where to go for different information is key.


Centralization For Data Hygiene

Building on communication, centralization is also needed to ensure effective data structure. Even if employees are communicating, it doesn’t matter too much if they aren’t able to access the data they’re discussing. Data hygiene is a group effort, and while certain pieces should only be accessible to key figures, providing everyone with a central workspace only helps. Having important information available in only one location is harmful to an organization in terms of safety and data hygiene.


data hygiene File Format

Another big part of data hygiene is ensuring files are formatted in a way that allows them to be easily combined or edited. Companies can only benefit from having headers that are the same across any file they have. In the case of El Toro, our target files are always split between the following headers: Location Name, Address, City, State, and ZIP. Using this system means that all employees and clients understand the ideal way to input data into our platform. Additionally, having a clear naming structure for each file helps everyone know the purpose of a file. From here, targeting via Account Based Marketing, IP Targeting, or CRM advertising comes with ease.


Unique Identifiers

Our last good practice tip is using a unique identifier for each account in a CRM database. An easy one that most companies have is a customer’s address. If everyone ensures that they use that one piece when creating, editing, or organizing a file, additional fields can easily be added. Data hygiene is greatly improved when all employees know a company standard is in place to establish the correct file structure.

El Toro prides itself on our internal data hygiene and knows it will only become more important for companies as big data continues to grow. Starting the process now will only help your company moving forward. Want to know what we can achieve with your data, clean or not? Contact us.