Data Onboarding

Connect Your Customer Data to Online Media

In recent years, the abundance of new and sophisticated marketing technology has hit an all-time high, paving the way for the most comprehensive of marketing campaigns. With the ever-increasing costs of print and postage, direct marketers have seen diminishing returns in recent years. Luckily for today’s marketing executives, we live in a time where those traditional mediums can be easily integrated with the broad reaching capabilities of display and video advertising.

What is Data Onboarding?

El Toro’s data onboarding technology enables marketers to finally realize the potential in opportunities for both B2C and B2B brands to attain increased customer frequency and retention using your customer list or customer relationship management (CRM) software. Armed with this technology, marketers are able to increase engagement as well as the likelihood of repeat business.

Bring Your Database Online

Cost effective data onboarding is the first step in launching a successful CRM retargeting campaign. High quality data onboarding pays big dividends to companies with loyalty programs due to the fact that they’ve already accumulated rich data about their customers. The majority of companies with loyalty programs end up sitting on mounds of valuable offline customer information, all of which is unique to their respective industry or business. In years past, the process of data onboarding was simply not a financially feasible model for most mid to large businesses. Modern technologies and big data have rapidly changed the ease of which consumer data can be collected, analyzed, parsed and utilized for the betterment of customer retention.

For a variety of reasons all too many companies have yet to realize the necessity of taking advantage of their otherwise unused CRM data. The practice of online targeting an offline audience segment is now simpler than ever with streamlined integration of demographic data and advertiser campaign data. With El Toro’s IP Targeting services, marketers now have the ability to target their own customers through dynamic display and video advertisements using the information they already have at their disposal.

Data Activation

Data is useless without the proper execution and strategic unlocking of insights then turning those insights into actionable opportunities. While data driven marketing is not a new concept, the intersection of big data and marketing has sprouted over the past several years due to the massive amounts of information being supplied by media interactions. Proper data activation involves integrating your background in marketing and steeping yourself in a more holistic understanding of customer behavior, data aggregation and in the end utilizing that data for the purpose of increasing efficiency in marketing efforts.

How Data Onboarding Works

Through the data onboarding process, audience segments from CRM systems, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and other customer databases are first anonymized and then activated for use across marketing applications and media platforms in a way that protects consumer privacy. There are four pivotal steps that need to be executed in order to realize the true effectiveness of data activation.

Data Onboarding Process:

Gather data: El Toro securely imports your customer data files. Personally identifiable information (PII) is removed from customer records.

Analyze data: Anonymized customer records are matched to online devices or anonymous digital IDs.

Data distribution: We activate your data segments to use in your marketing applications across media platforms.

Data delivery: Increase conversions by delivering more relevant messages to each audience segment.

Results Always Matter – Measure Them

A critical component of any marketing campaign is the understanding of the types of customers you serve and the capability to deliver your marketing message accordingly. Typically more than 95% of people who visit your website will leave before completing the actions that you set forth in your marketing efforts due to confusion and or lack of information. With the ability to segment multiple audiences based on a variety of attributes marketers are able to entice inactive customers with customized offerings and messages.

At the end of the day all marketing campaigns are measured by one universal metric and that metric is effectiveness in the form of Return on Investment (ROI). If your marketing efforts are not in tune with an increased ROI then you are most certainly wasting valuable time and resources. Regrettably, measuring ROI with most form of web advertising can be problematic and based on inaccurate attribution models. Or worse, you end up only measuring top of the funnel statistics like clicks and form fills.

By reactivating dormant customers your firm will realize enhanced campaign performance, which will reinforce your current and future customer relationships. Data onboarding has the ability to immediately create an avenue for more customer centric relationship management. El Toro’s data onboarding and CRM retargeting gives marketers the flexibility needed to deliver the right message at the right time to the right user.

To learn more about how you can cost effectively retarget past customers from your CRM or customer list, please contact us.