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Louisville, KY - July 03, 2018-, the IP Targeting advertising technology company that maps IP addresses to physical addresses, announced today that they have officially acquired the domain name The company believes the strategic acquisition of this Internet Real Estate will prove to bolster business development efforts and increase the inbound prospective client pipeline. For the company that invented the mechanism for targeting digital advertisements via an IP address on a 1-to-1 cookieless basis, possessing this domain is truly a full-circle affair.

iptargeting.comSean Stafford, veteran domaining expert and co-founder of El Toro, said this about the newest domain acquisition: “As the leader in IP Targeting, it's very exciting to acquire the name. Domains do carry weight in the online world and this acquisition will help El Toro to continue to expand its presence in the online marketing industry. El Toro is a forward-thinking company and the continuous acquisition of digital properties like really prove that.”

El Toro offers many different products that all stem from its patented IP-address-to-physical-mailing-address digital targeting system. The addition of will help those searching for this type of technology to be directed to the world’s only 1-to-1 cookieless IP Targeting provider.


About El Toro

Louisville, KY-based El Toro is a privately held Advertising Technology (AdTech) company that has developed and patented processes to target digital advertising via Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. El Toro provides targeted digital advertising to many high-value locations including households, hotels, college campuses, stadiums, convention centers, government buildings, and more. This data is then used to hyper-accurately target individuals or various groups of people based on location. The El Toro technology is utilized by businesses of every scale -- from small automotive dealerships to the Fortune 50.


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