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El Toro is pioneering the digital advertising world with IP targeting. But there is little to no information regarding IP targeting on sites like YouTube. We wanted to create a channel to share IP targeting knowledge in a viewer friendly way. The El Toro channel currently has videos highlighting the benefits of IP targeting for political campaigns, and ways to take political or advocacy work to the next digital level. Our most recent video touches on ways to use IP targeting with El Toro’s Captive Audience service to capitalize on the holiday shoppers during Black Friday and other popular holiday retail dates. Soon we will feature videos on customer order portal training, the benefits of selling ROI instead of CTR, and the benefits of IP targeting in the online tax industry. We hope the El Toro YouTube channel will serve as an informative foundation for IP targeting. Be sure to follow El Toro at the link below, or by searching for “El Toro Internet Marketing” on YouTube.


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