Get More Out of Your Data with IP Targeting

By Estefan Albiero

In the “information age,” data has more value than ever before. This means that businesses can get a lot more mileage out of collected data in the form of names, addresses, and more. How? By using this data to advertise online with levels of precision and efficiency that are unparalleled. El Toro can add more value to your data, and the more data, the better. With our patent-pending technology, we are able to pinpoint physical addresses to their IP addresses, allowing precise and efficient advertising to residences, populated venues, and other key locations.

Turn your data into sales. When you advertise online with El Toro, we can take simple data in the form of names and addresses, and turn it into targeted customers. During the ad campaign, our team optimizes your campaign to make sure ads are getting the impressions you pay for. This means views, clicks, brand awareness, and revenue.

There’s no reason your data can’t be put to use for all it’s worth. Direct mailing lists, loyalty customer databases, and other collections of potential customer data can be used to get your ads in front of the eyes that matter most to your business. And we can prove it. Every campaign ran through El Toro includes a matchback analysis so our clients can see just how effective their campaigns are. Clicks and impressions are great, but what good are those metrics if they don’t affect revenue?

Get sales dollars out of your hard drive and into your wallet with El Toro IP targeting.


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