Our Local Clients & Partners: Laser Center of Louisville

Over the years, we’ve partnered with some pretty incredible local businesses and franchises. From the Louisville Bats, Rabbit Hole Bourbon, to Louisville City, we continue to push our clients to shop local here in Louisville!



laser center of louisville

Laser Center of Louisville

One of our longtime partners has been Laser Center of Louisville We’re very excited to help promote their new website and marketing efforts to help individuals who suffer with chronic pain get world class treatment from K-Class 4 Laser Therapy.

One of the most technologically advanced forms of medical treatment for a plethora of neural musculoskeletal conditions is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). It offers patients a pain-free, non-invasive and drug-free treatment! LLLT has been around for decades, but recent technical advancements have paved the way for a wider range of patients to gain access to this kind of therapy. LLLT is great to help ease the pain and treat severe back pain in Louisville.

Not only does Laser Center of Louisville help treat back pain, but knee pain and chronic Louisville neck pain as well!

If you’re in need of treatment, please check out Laser Center of Louisville today. The first consultation is free, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Each El Toro team member uses Laser Center of Louisville once a month here in the office and we promise, the results incredible! Check out their ads they'll be running for an El Toro Account Based Marketing campaign with IP Targeting.

Louisville is El Toro’s home, and we love giving back to the local community by pushing the amazing businesses found here. We’re devoted to helping local businesses thrive here in the city!


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