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Our Founders

  • Dan Kimball

    Dan Kimball is a visionary with a passion for people and calculated risk-taking. His ability to see 13 years into the future, a world without “cookies,” is the bedrock of El Toro. His sharp sense of humor belies a compassionate heart that often moves in people’s lives without a need for public attention. Today Dan mentors the Data Analytics Team in the development of new and interesting ways to use El Toro's technology for good instead of evil.

  • David Stadler

    David Stadler is the original hustler with a fun and charismatic leadership style. His understanding of human behavior and his ability to move quickly enables El Toro to meet the needs of our customers with accuracy and transparency. Like Dan, David is a calculated risk taker that inspires others to do the same. Today David leads the Ad Operations team and loves a good glass of bourbon.

  • Sean Stafford

    Sean is the “expert” of the group. He is widely considered the subject matter expert in domain name, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and other internet operations. Without any sales experience, Sean developed the sales team and grew the El Toro business to where it is today. Always looking for a challenge, Sean took an underperforming asset, Trim.co, and has turned it into the best hair salon in Louisville, KY. With an oblique sense of humor, it’s always fun to watch what Sean is going to do next.

El Toro Leadership

Stacy Griggs

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Montague

Chief Financial Officer

Deanna Durrett

Chief Strategy Officer

Richard Teachout

Co-Chief Technology Officer

Chris Porter

Co-Chief Technology Officer

Bob Corscadden

Chief Revenue Officer

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