New Advertising Portal: Out With The Old, In With The New!

As El Toro continues to expand, we remain committed to pushing boundaries and redefining advertising technology. The highly anticipated Gen3 Portal is officially launching soon, marking another massive milestone for El Toro and our clients. The Gen3 Portal is a robust, self-sufficient platform that will continue transforming the digital advertising landscape. Join us in transitioning from our current advertising portal to our advanced Gen3 Portal.

Gen3 Portal enhances your experience through 5 key improvements:

  1. Audience uploads
    Creating audiences is now more straightforward! Whether you're uploading a .csv file or utilizing our polygon technology, the 'audience creation' process has been made more accessible and seamlessly integrated into the portal.
  1. Creative Uploads
    Uploading and managing your creative files has become effortless! You have the flexibility to manage your assets both within and outside of campaigns, allowing you to organize all your media into folders for easy access. Additionally, you can now access El Toro's 'creative generator,' enabling you to create polished and engaging campaigns quickly.
  1. Reporting
    Tracking how well your campaign is doing has become even simpler! Gen3 Portal provides you with two key metrics: 'campaign health' and 'campaign performance,' making understanding your campaign's effectiveness straightforward.
  1. Campaign Creation
    It's all focused on your audiences now! The process of identifying all potential targets for a campaign has now been significantly streamlined and optimized for efficiency. With your shopping cart feature, you can upload all the audiences you wish to use in one go and easily keep track of everything you've added to the campaign.
  1. Global Search
    You now have the option to perform a global search with filters! This means you can search across predefined categories or use filters to narrow down results, including audiences, creatives, order lines, and campaigns, making finding precisely what you need easier.

With the Gen3 Portal, you can access the latest tools and campaign options at your fingertips. Every tool within the Gen3 Portal includes a concise 1-2 minute video and/or an in-depth how-to article to assist you throughout the campaign creation process.

Next Steps For Current Clients:

  • Sign Up For Our Webinars:  We're offering a series of webinars (click here) to help you transition to our Gen3 Portal over the next few weeks. Check out the available times and sign up to learn more. Reach out to your Sales Executive for more information.
  • Portal Account Activation: Watch out for two important emails once your account is activated. The first includes a welcome packet and resource links. The second provides a password setup link, expiring in 12 hours. Missed the deadline? Use "forgot password" to access your account.
  • Portal  Access: You'll have access to your primary and any child organizations, plus your V2 portal's creative content, which syncs continuously to Gen3.
  • Coming Soon: In the few weeks following the initial launch, expect access to your V2 audience data, V2 campaigns, and order lines in Gen3, with a read-only view.
  • V2 Portal Access: You'll still have access to the V2 portal for several months to ensure a smooth transition.

Thank you for being part of our journey and helping to change the digital advertising world. El Toro is excited to support your success and growth.

If you’re new to El Toro and are ready to learn more about our innovative and patented advertising technology, contact our team today. We encourage you to register for our webinars (click here)  tailored for our new clients.


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