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online advertising platforms for generating leadTop Online Advertising Platforms For Generating Leads

In the ever-expanding space of advertising technology platforms, few stand out as the most sustainable and reliable for generating actual leads.

For El Toro, our method of identity resolution is through MatchBack Analysis. In other words, we base the performance of a digital advertising campaign on sales, not metrics like CTR. There are a small number of online advertising platforms for generating leads. Our team is here to give you advice on digital advertising. Here are some of our favorite platforms for digital marketing.


online advertising platforms for generating leadsPay-Per-Click Platforms

Pay-per-click has been one of few online advertising platforms generally known by the masses. Getting in front of a consumer while they’re searching for an item is one reason that makes Google one of the largest advertising platforms. In recent years, however, the price of a click has skyrocketed and the conversions from PPC have dropped drastically. Since this is the same approach most people know about, it’s an expensive one without any innovation.


Social Media Targeting

Social media advertising is something most people are skeptical of, and for good reason. Many agencies focus way too much on the role of social media in your business and spend wasted hours trying to build a following. And with the rise of fake profiles becoming an issue in recent years, it’s very important to make sure your clicks aren’t being wasted.


Display Advertising and IP Targeting

AdTech vendors that allow you to advertise across the web are extremely crucial to being a successful online advertising platform for generating leads. Google has their version, Amazon, etc. However, when it comes to one to one marketing, none reaches further than El Toro’s IP Targeting. Uploading a list of physical addresses into El Toro allows for an IP address to be appended, becoming an entry point for digital advertising. This gives the ability to capitalize on CRM targeting campaigns centered around reigniting past customers. Uploading an audience list and creatives is easy, allow for a quick turnaround time for digital campaigns.


In Summary

Online advertising platforms for generating leads are small in numbers. Many claim to actually generate sales dollars, but far can back it up. If you’re ready to start a digital advertising campaign, our team can help answer questions and start the process of launching your first IP Targeting campaign on El Toro’s platform. Learn more about El Toro today and start generating sales and leads!


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