Online Marketing Tips: The Importance of Mobile Devices

The Tides are Turning

We have been living in the age of smartphones and mobile devices for over a decade now. (Although, I really don't feel much smarter despite having used them for so long.) As of May 2023, nearly 68% of total web visits were done on mobile devices. The remaining 32% came from personal computers, Samsung Smart Fridges, and Wi-Fi-enabled Mr. Coffees (that is a real product FYI.) It's safe to say that digital advertisers must adapt to the trends of the consumer and shift more marketing material that looks good on mobile devices. In this post, we'll explore why mobile formatting is of utmost importance in digital advertising and how it can significantly impact campaign performance and user experience.

Advertising on Mobile Devices: Don’t ‘Cell’ Yourself Short

Focus on Formatting

Mobile formatting plays a crucial role in delivering an optimal user experience. A well-formatted mobile ad ensures that it fits the smaller screen size, loads quickly, and seamlessly integrates with the content users are consuming. Ads that are not properly formatted can disrupt user experiences, leading to frustration and increased bounce rates. By providing a seamless and enjoyable experience, advertisers can capture users' attention and enhance engagement with their ads.

Have an Attention-Grabbing Design

A recent podcast by the American Psychological Association discussed the steep decline in attention span over the last few decades. An ongoing study from Gloria Mark Ph.D. found that attention spans have shrunk nearly 68% in the last two decades. Therefore, when designing your advertisements it’s crucial for ads to capture attention quickly. Effective mobile formatting focuses on concise and visually appealing designs that make a strong first impression. By adapting to the mobile environment, advertisers can create ads that stand out and effectively communicate their brand message.

Ensure Design Adaptability

With a wide array of mobile devices and screen sizes available, it is essential to design “responsive ads.” Responsive ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit available screen real estate. A responsive design ensures that ad content dynamically adjusts to fit various screen sizes and orientations. This versatility enables ads to appear consistently and maintain their impact across different devices, from smartphones to tablets. By delivering a consistent experience, regardless of the device used, advertisers can maximize the reach and impact of their campaigns. 

Utilizing El Toro’s Location-Based Targeting

Mobile devices provide an unparalleled opportunity for location-based targeting. Leveraging mobile formatting techniques and El Toro’s IP Targeting technology, advertisers can create hyper-targeted ads based on users' geolocation. This allows for highly relevant and contextualized advertising experiences, such as promoting local businesses or tailoring offers based on a user's current location. Proper mobile formatting ensures that location-based elements, such as maps or proximity-based offers, are seamlessly integrated into the ad, providing users with relevant and actionable information. If the ad integrates with the content experience, the user is more likely to click and convert. 

To take advantage of location-based targeting on mobile, El Toro’s Venue Replay and GeoFraming™ technology allow you to target users in real-time based on their location. GeoFraming™ technology inventories mobile advertising device IDs (MAIDs) allowing us to understand footfall behavior in real-time, or back 6 months. If you want to reach mobile users in real time or track footfall traffic to send ads, reach out to an El Toro account executive today.


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