El Toro Webinars

El Toro Webinar: Streamlining Political Strategy, Focused Effort With Focused Technology
El Toro can give you all of the answers and more, giving you the rundown on how El Toro's digital advertising capabilities can secure your seat in a data-driven election.


El Toro Webinar: Cookieless World
Join El Toro as we clarify what these 'reinvented' cookies are and how El Toro clients have the secret recipe for success. 


El Toro Webinar: Recruitment and Retention During the Great Resignation
Find out how El Toro's patented technology can help you during this unprecedented employment crisis. Join us as we review our tech, highlight strategies that work, and provide examples of how we have helped others. 


El Toro Webinar: Empower Your Business Decisions with Bullseye Reports and IP+ Targeting
Explore how Bullseye Reports combines footfall traffic analytics with customer demographics data to identify key insights and strategies to help you make informed decisions. 



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