Apple blocks cookies with new Safari 11, Advertisers Scramble

Apple’s new Safari 11 has caused an uproar in the digital advertising realm by deleting 3rd-party cookies that enable advertisers to target and serve programmatic advertisements. El Toro is unaffected because we are a 100% cookie-free advertising technology.

Haven’t heard the news?

Here are the cliff notes:

  • In September 2017, Apple released iPhones 8 and X and updated the privacy features for Safari 11 with the all-new “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” feature.
  • ITP limits cookie-based tracking by advertisers to 24 hours by deleting 3rd party cookies and disabling cross-device targeting.
  • The IAB, AAF, ANA and a few others submitted a letter damning the update, saying it reduced the relevance of advertising and may affect the “infrastructure of the modern internet”.
  • Want more details? Here’s an ADWEEK article about it that contains the full letter at the bottom.

These updates matter because El Toro doesn’t use a single cookie to target individuals and perform attribution whereas all other advertising technologies use cookies and/or cookie-data in some way to target or prove attribution.

Here are the differences:

Cookie-based targeting:

  • Tracks web history to assign a segmentation or feature
  • When a user goes to a website, ads get paired to their cookie profiles, and are served based on that profile
  • The advertiser has no idea who targets actually are. Only that they serve ads to devices that have desired cookies and browsing history. We call this a headless sales funnel.

El Toro IP Targeting:

  • Create a target segment with a mailing list of pre-screened, pre-qualified targets based on CRM data, geo-located activities, or data from a list provider. This is a clear-cut sales funnel.
  • Target pre-screened IP’s & serve traffic at those locations when ad calls come through exchange.

Since the inception of El toro, we’ve pitched that cookie-free IP targeting is the advertising of the future. Now that outside factors such as Apple’s latest move are proving us right, it’s time to reconsider digital media budgets and look for a way to advertise on a cookie-free basis.

Click here now to contact El Toro so you don’t get left in the digital dust while the cookie starts its crumble.


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