A Step-By-Step Guide For Creative Development

Evaluating Creative Development In 6 Steps

Even if you're an advertising guru or newbie, It doesn't hurt to refresh on the do's and don'ts of creative development. Armed with years of advertising experience on various digital channels, El Toro has determined six essential guidelines to keep in mind when constructing assets for your campaign. These guidelines have proven to be effective with our own clients' creative assets, which you can see below. 

1. Use one main image to increase engagement 

In advertising, images increase engagement for several reasons: they evoke emotions, are intuitively understood and memorable, and are easy to identify as our brains are designed to perceive the world visually. That's why the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" still holds true. But, more is not always better. Displaying a single image in your creative assets captures the consumer's attention, while multiple images can confuse or distract the consumer from the advertisement.

2. Use high-resolution images

Consumers today have experience and are skilled in evaluating the quality of images. That's why pairing a high-resolution, positive, and thought-provoking image with your messaging is essential to establish credibility and drive views, clicks, and conversions. The image should align with your brand, values, and the advertisement's messaging. Another tip is that images with humans perform better than those without as it evokes trustworthiness.

3. Use one brand mark to build trust and credibility

Consistent branding throughout your creative assets is crucial as it ensures your brand is easily recognizable across all digital channels. This leads to a cohesive brand identity and a unified experience for existing and potential consumers. Don't let inconsistent branding be the barrier to establishing trust with your consumers.

El Toro's client, Electricities, established trust and credibility with consistent branding, ultimately generating quality leads and conversions.

4. Use clear and concise messaging

The messaging in your creative assets is another critical aspect to keep in mind when advertising. Consumers aren't going to spend time trying to figure out your message; it should be clear simply by reading it. Without the right message to connect consumers to your brand, product, or service, you risk missing the chance to build a long-term relationship.

5. Use a strong and straightforward call-to-action with a clickable button

Many argue that the call-to-action (CTA) is the most crucial aspect of a creative asset, and we agree. CTAs work with your sales funnel as they motivate consumers to take actual steps toward a specific action, ultimately generating leads for your sales team. Not only are CTAs important for business, but consumers also expect them. Excluding a CTA from your asset can confuse consumers and result in a loss conversion. When brainstorming ideas for your next CTA, include specific and actionable words such as "Book your next adventure" or "Click here to try it free for 21 days!”

El Toro's client, Fairway Green, utilized a straightforward and unique call-to-action (CTA), resulting in the client experiencing successful campaign results.

6. Use animations to optimize the mobile experience

Digital banner ads can be static or use visual appeal through animations. The moving elements in animated ads have seen better results in audience engagement, customer acquisition, and lead generation when compared to static advertisements. This is because animated videos are a highly attractive type of content that makes consumers slow down when scrolling.

Time to serve ads

With the average U.S internet user spending nearly eight hours each day online, digital advertising is the most powerful method to reach your consumers in real-time on various channels. Creative assets that meet the six essential guidelines paired with El Toro's patented advertising technology are a recipe for major success. 

To learn more about how El Toro’s revolutionary and patented technology can deliver your creative assets, reach out to our team today


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