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Here are a few answers to our most commonly asked questions

Who is El Toro?

El Toro is an advertising technology (Ad Tech) enterprise. We are at the forefront of observing and understanding human behavior, which fuels our data. By using El Toro, you are able to gain a competitive advantage with your digital advertising by using our proprietary technology that identifies and reaches the right audiences with unparalleled precision. We deliver results that matter, all without the use of pesky cookies.

What type of organizations does El Toro work with?

We have clients in most major industries. Our clientele ranges across several Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop shops. We also are commonly known for our work with political campaigns and political action committees as well as non-profit organizations.

Does El Toro work with advertising agencies?

Yes! To find out if your firm qualifies to become a reseller of El Toro’s technology, please contact us.

Does El Toro use cookies?

No. Since the beginning, El Toro has been 100% cookie-free serving advertising to real people through their IP address directly at the household or device level. This removes ad fraud and prevents wasted dollars, ensuring your campaigns are more effective. At El Toro we pride ourselves on the ability to target audiences without the use of cookies.

Where will my ads appear?

El Toro places ads on over 1 million websites. This is what enables us to bid on an inventory of approximately 30-50 billion advertising impressions per day — which is approximately 90% of the daily available online ad inventory. Popular sites where El Toro places ads include but are not limited to: Weather Channel, ESPN, Yahoo, USA Today, Forbes, People.com, and CNN. 

Can I control who sees my ads?

Yes. At a 95% confidence level, we match an IP address to a physical address using geolocation and visitation data. This allows us to segment audiences and deliver more relevant, hyper-personalized messages. 

Can El Toro make sure my ads do not appear on specific sites?

Yes. By default we will not serve ads on children, teen, adult, or “vice” sites.  Additionally, we eliminate sites with a history of low quality or fraudulent traffic.  If you would like us to further restrict what sites upon which we display your ads, we are happy to accommodate any requests.

How do I know my ads are working?

With our MatchBack Analysis, we compare households served ads with your sales/conversion data to show which sales directly resulted from your campaigns. This clarity provides you with true Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), enabling a higher level of confidence for running future campaigns. 

What sort of campaign reports will I get from El Toro?

We’re all about providing you with your campaign results. We have multiple report types we can pull to get you the data you need including (but not limited to) impressions served, clicks, conversions and click-through rate (CTR), and more. 

Additionally, at the completion of a campaign we are able to provide clients with a full MatchBack Analysis which compares your targeted audience with your sales/conversion data.  This provides you with true Return on Advertising Spend.

What sort of CTR should I expect?

Industry standard CTR for banner advertising is currently around .06%. Here at El Toro, we tend to see our CTRs go well beyond .06%. It is important to note that, given fraud statistics, we encourage clients to look beyond click through rates (CTR) and focus on metrics like conversions, sales, and return on investment (ROI).

What file formats does El Toro accept for my banner ads?

JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML5, and Ad Tag ads are supported. We recommend that all banner files are less than 100 KB, but we see the best serve with creatives under 40 KB.

What size banner ads do I need?

Creatives should be within the following dimensions (below).  We recommend that clients provide at least one creative in each size to maximize available ad inventory. While we can run campaigns with fewer sizes, it limits the inventory available and may result in the campaign taking longer to serve. Best practice is to include at least 3 of these 5 sizes to fulfill your campaign’s impression totals.

  • 300×250 (pixels)
  • 728×90 (pixels)
  • 320×50 (pixels)
  • 160×600 (pixels)
  • 300×600 (pixels)

Do I need to provide El Toro with a list of prospects to target?

While it is typical, it is not required. Most of our clients provide us with their list of customers, past customers or prospects to target with our technology. If you do not have a list, we have tech for that too.

For information on list specifications, visit El Toro Segment Data File Specifications.

Can El Toro prepare the ads for me?

We encourage clients to use their in-house team or advertising agency to assist with creative design and messaging.  If you do not have an agency, we would be happy to introduce you to some of our partners.

Can I use Flash in my ads?

No, we do not support Flash files.

Can I use animation in my ads?

Yes, if any animation is present within the ads, it must stop within 30 seconds of the ad serving.  This can be done by limiting loops to 1 to 3 rotations.

Do I need to have the brand logo on my ad?

For your ad to be displayed online, it needs to pass a 3rd party audit. One of the requirements of this audit is that some form of corporate identification be visible on the advertisement. This can be the logo or the name of your organization. It also needs to match what is used on your landing page for the ad campaign.

Can I use my direct mail lists to do IP targeting?

Yes, we have a large number of customers who incorporate IP Targeting in conjunction with direct mail campaigns.  We find that the pairing of IP Targeting and direct mail greatly increases the overall advertising effectiveness.

Does El Toro offer mobile ad targeting?

Yes, El Toro offers mobile targeting through Venue Replay and real-time mobile targeting through B2B and device ID lists.

Does El Toro support ads hosted on 3rd party AdServers?

Yes, this will typically require a check and possibly a slight modification to the code to ensure that the Click Tags work properly. For more information, visit our 3rd Party AdServer page.

What are the standard video advertisement lengths?

Video creatives must be less than or equal to requested duration (i.e. we can bid on a 15 second request with a 10 second video.)

The standard durations available via our system are as follows:

15 second, 30 second, 60 second

What are the standard dimensions for video ads?

Standard video sizes are as follows:

  • 400×225
  • 400×300
  • 480×360
  • 640×360
  • 1920×800

What types of video placements are available via the El Toro system?

El Toro can target both instream and outstream video placements. Instream placements include: Pre-Roll (this represents majority of inventory), Mid-Roll, and Post-Roll. You can also serve OTT ad placements! 

What are the recommended aspect ratios?

If El Toro is hosting, we will encode and automate to the correct size

4:3, 5:2, 16:9

What are the supported file types for video creatives?

We support mpg, mp4, m4v, mov, and avi.

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