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geolocation serviceWhat Is Geolocation Service?

Geolocation service is a term that has been around for a while but is just starting to take on a new meaning as it is increasingly being used in the digital marketing world.

First, what is a geolocation service? Geolocation marketing is the process of determining the location of a computer, phone, or other network-based devices. This inferred location is based on geographical measurements of latitude and longitude to narrow down the location to city, zip code, street, and even address.

Geolocation service has been around for a while, most people are familiar with its use for navigation and travel. The most commonly known technology using geolocation is the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS uses multiple satellites to show a user where they are on a map. When satellite navigation is not available, data from cell towers can be used to triangulate a cell user’s coordinates to show where they were located while using cellular data.

This technology is now finding its way into digital advertising.


geolocation serviceGeolocation Service: The Future of Products

For us at El Toro, we have taken the ideas of a geolocation service and used it to enable our technology to engage in geolocation mobile marketing.

With this, we are able to target people based on their precise location. Whether a consumer is in their home, out at an event, in a restaurant, etc, El Toro is able to send people ads based on them being within that location.

This opens up a whole new world of advertising abilities. El Toro has proven to be one of the only advertising platforms that can serve ads not only while people are in a specified location but even after they leave the location as well. With this, ads can be served both during and after pinpointing a consumer within a location.

A number of our patented products use this geolocation mobile marketing, Venue Replay being one of our most popular. With our Venue Replay technology, we can pull consumers Device IDs that have been seen in a certain location, or that are seen after a future event or date. We can then target those devices after they have left these locations. Even beyond this, El Toro can pinpoint where this Device ID has been seen consistently on a home IP address. This allows us to then be able to distinguish the home IP address for this device and user. From this, we can then deliver ads to this person’s home network and across all of their devices.


geolocation serviceCaptive Audience is another popular El Toro product that puts geolocation service and mobile marketing to use. Through Captive Audience, we are able to map specific locations and target anyone seen on the network within those locations. With this, we can target people in real-time on their mobile devices while they’re in a specified venue.

Our IP Targeting products unlock the full potential of geolocation service by way of mobile marketing. By doing so, we are able to get a grasp on location-based marketing unlike anyone else in the industry.

Live close to a coffee shop? You can now be delivered an ad for 50% off a drink. Traveling and near a stadium on the day of a game? Have an ad served for a deal on some tickets. Window shopping in the mall? Be shown an ad for a BOGO sale at a store within. No longer should ads be wasted on a user across the country or even on the other side of the city.

Here at El Toro, we heavily leverage geolocation service via mobile marketing in our patented products. Throughout our IP Targeting product suite, geolocation is used to tie the IP address to a physical address. Nobody in the digital marketing world does this on the accuracy level that El Toro has proven to do.

Contact El Toro to learn how you can use our geolocation service and mobile marketing technologies to boost your digital marketing!


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