What is Identity Resolution?

identity resolution

Answering Your Questions On Identity Resolution
By: Jeremy Sneed

If you’re reading this, likely you’re familiar with El Toro and the fact that we own our very own one of a kind IP Targeting technology. If truly you know us well enough, then you know the core beauty behind our tech is the ability to target people with unbelievable levels of accuracy via the IP address.

What can companies do to leverage this knowledge? By utilizing El Toro, companies can have the ability to accurately identify their targeted audience unlike any advertising platform offered in the industry. Through this, El Toro technology can successfully employ identity resolution. We are essentially bringing new levels of potential to identity resolution.

Identity resolution isn’t just some new marketing jargon or buzzword. Rather, it’s one of the core principles that has existed since the birth of advertising. Identity resolution helps answer the one question that every marketer wants to know: who is my customer? This makes identity resolution the infrastructure around any successful marketing campaign.


identity resolutionWhat Is Identity Resolution?

Identity resolution is the process of better discerning a consumer’s identity, typically for the purpose of being able to more effectively target them through marketing efforts. However, this divulging of someone through identity resolution isn’t bringing to light attributes some may be thinking.

For us, this isn’t revealing someone’s most personal identity distinctions such as their name, email address, or social security number - rather, in the digital realm, identity resolution is the undertaking of pulling together different online and offline data sources to help more accurately establish a profile around a consumer. This allows us to better define some of a consumer’s characteristics, habits, and/or tendencies.

Most of the data El Toro makes use of for identity resolution is that of location-based data. Through each of our distinct IP Targeting technology products, we are able to take where we see consumers within locations and then use that to establish distinct characteristics around them. For clients specifically using our IP Targeting ad tech product, we are able to take their physical location data, such as a CRM list, and use that to establish those consumers’ IP addresses. This identity resolution helps us establish a proper form of targeting for that consumer while ensuring accuracy.

However, here at El Toro, we don’t even have to rely on using someone’s pre-existing data list to execute identity resolution. A number of our ad tech products are able to generate ideal consumers for our clients to target via Geo-Framing technology, also known as Venue Replay.

By using Venue Replay, we can geo-frame a location, such as a home improvement store, and derive the Device IDs of those found within that location from up to six months in the past. We can then map those devices back to their home, using the IP address to target the devices found within that home.

By pulling consumers seen within this home improvement store, this is identity resolution in its purest form. Identity resolution is exercised by drawing distinctions between different consumers, such as here where we not only identify those who go to home improvement stores, but also those who most likely live in or near a specific geographical area. This capability allows us to pull together further audience segments for our clients to target.


identity resolutionIdentity Resolution With El Toro

Identity resolution through El Toro isn’t done using cookie tracking, we pull real people and real data behind them to bring our clients precise audience segments.

What makes identity resolution so important is the ability to add personalization when creating ads to an audience segment. Personalization is a strong tool in increasing the relevancy and conversions for a campaign. By adding these hints of customization to your advertisement you can make your ad that much more compelling to the targeted consumer.

Specific to El Toro and our technology capabilities, we are able to go beyond the cookie. We are able to pull genuine, provable data behind consumers, while ensuring higher levels of exactitude behind the targeting we’re engaging in.

Reach out to the El Toro team today, find out how we can take your advertising to the next level.


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