Introducing: The New El Toro Order Portal!

The time has almost arrived. The moment we’ve all been waiting for….

Version 2 of the El Toro Order Portal is now LIVE! This new campaign management interface marks a huge milestone for El Toro, as well as our clients. This portal overhaul represents even more independence for El Toro and our powerful platform that is changing the entire digital advertising landscape. The revolution continues to grow with the world’s only IP targeting platform continuing to make great strides.

Our traffic and available inventory has become more precise, and the rigorously tested quality of traffic has increased- meaning clicks and conversions will continue to grow for our clients at a rate never before seen.

Everything in our new portal makes the entire process better for our clients.



Create libraries of all your creatives and segments, which can be utilized for multiple orderlines with ease. The new portal offers a more intuitive and rapid deployment of targeting initiatives, along with their creatives. With the inclusion of additional first party data sets, our segments are quoting a higher percentage of records, 5x faster than before. On top of that, the new Quick Stats allow in-depth evaluation of campaigns at the blink of an eye.


Make on-demand changes to your campaign in real time. All of the standard parameters exist in the new portal with greater precision. Another feature we’ve added is the ability to nest “Child Organizations” within your account to better organize and provision access to different orderlines across your team.


With a robust API, El Toro’s new portal allows full customization and integration of our platform with yours. Create campaigns in cadence, sending targets through a series of different creatives over a specific time-frame. Custom multi-month impression distribution allows you to have specific impressions within a time frame of your choosing, meaning our users can decide to serve no impressions around holiday schedules or times where your residential targets would be outside of their home, reducing low-quality impression traffic.


How to Get Started

With all the new tools and options available at your fingertips, the last thing we want is for our clients to feel overwhelmed. We are offering a number of webinars over the next couple weeks to help users get up to speed as fast as possible and realize the extent of what is possible with the new El Toro management interface. To see what times are available and to sign up for a short and informative Webinar, click here.

We constantly look to continue to make improvements to our platform and to ourselves as a company, and the new portal launch is the next step. Thank you for joining us in our journey to revolutionize the digital advertising industry, and we look forward to creating more amazing advertising initiatives and helping our clients see returns on every ad dollar.

If you are new to what El Toro is and want to learn more, do no hesitate to contact us!


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