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Everyone in the business world is familiar with marketing segmentation. Students are taught the importance of it early on in their academic career, establishing a crucial skill for them. The four primary methods of segmentation are: Geographic, Psychographic, Demographic and Behavioral. All four have their use depending on the audience a company wants to go after. The consumer is everything, and being able to understand who your customer is with these methods can make or break a company and campaign.

Using El Toro’s product offerings, our client’s can segment out different audiences for campaigns. All of our products have their use, but let’s focus on IP Targeting, ZIP Code Targeting, and Venue Replay. Depending on the campaign and goal, El Toro can alter our strategy to meet any client’s needs. Below you can find El Toro’s methods for effectively executing on the geographic and demographic aspects of marketing segmentation.


marketing segmentationMarketing Segmentation For Geographic

Geographic marketing segmentation is easily achievable with El Toro’s platform. Two of the best ways to do so are with our ZIP Code targeting and Venue Replay tool. ZIP Code lists are commonly used in political campaigns to increase name recognition and GOTV. By focusing on key ZIPs that are likely to be influenced, our clients can effectively drive success.

Venue Replay allows our clients to select any locations within a certain geographic area that they would want to target. For example, if a furniture company wanted to focus a campaign heavily in the state of California, they could target all consumers seen in California furniture stores. Being able to test and drive results in specific markets and locations has proven to be a powerful tool for many of our clients.


Marketing Segmentation For Demographic

One of the most common ways of defining an audience from a macro level is with demographic marketing segmentation. With El Toro’s platform, this can be achieved in two key ways. All your existing customer data can be segmented out, for different campaigns and creative sets. Let’s say you have a list of customers that meet two different age groups, El Toro can match their households to an IP address, and serve different ads to both groups.

Alternatively, our clients can prospect different demographic segments with our Venue Replay tool. Income is a widely used criteria to determine and market to an ideal audience. With our Geo-Framing technology, companies can conduct market segmentation by choosing specific stores or location that high-income individuals visit. Continuing with the furniture example, it’s easy to segment high-end furniture stores from low-end.

Marketing segmentation can be done like never before with El Toro’s system. Venue Replay offers the most unique way of doing so - any specific set of locations can be targeted to establish an audience. Since we operate to the meter-squared level, unlike geofencing, it also allows us to establish a much more accurate and defined audience. Running multiple campaigns with different goals will allow you to further understand your audience, and drive overall revenue and company success.


marketing segmentationAbout El Toro

El Toro's ad tech brings the location-specific accuracy of direct mail to digital advertising. Through our patented IP Targeting technology, we target digital ads to your customer by matching their IP address with their physical address, bringing a wide variety of banner and display ads to the sites the targeted customer visits on the Internet.


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