El Toro IP Plus Targeting - lookalike twin audience


IP⁺ Targeting

Reach Look-Alike Audiences

Our patented IP Targeting process, combined with segmentation data from one of the richest 3rd party data sources in the world, enables you to better understand your current audiences’ demographics and psychographics. You can then effortlessly target your highly developed and/or underdeveloped look-alike audiences using audience-specific messaging.

How It Works

  • 1

    Gather Lists & Pixel Website

    Supply mailing addresses from your CRM and pixel your website for two weeks to collect web visitor information

  • 2

    Match the Lists

    The list of mailing addresses and website data are run through the El Toro algorithm and matched to highly descriptive profiles. This creates look-alike audiences

  • 3

    Deploy the Campaign

    After matching with profiles, we serve ads to the devices connected to the IP addresses associated with your look-alike audience

  • The IP+ Targeting Advantage

    Gain a deeper understanding of your current customer base and website visitors to generate new, more valuable options for targeting. The insights generated from the analysis can be used to guide marketing decisions and efforts. The look-alike audiences generated can be leveraged for IP Targeting or for other marketing initiatives.

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