El Toro launches new Venue Replay webinars

For years, El Toro has revolutionized the digital advertising landscape with its patented IP targeting technology. Our newest innovation in digital ad tech, Venue Replay, is now available in the El Toro Portal!

Venue Replay gives marketers the ability to capture the unique advertising device ID of mobile devices present at any location in the United States within the past six months and serve ads to these individuals on their devices and at home through their IP address.

This 100% cookie-free technology is perfect for building audiences and segments based on geographically located interests such as competitors’ locations, conferences, trade shows, sporting events and concerts.

Find out how the technology works, its best use cases, and learn the steps to launch a Venue Replay campaign directly through the El Toro portal during our webinars.

The Webinar Dates and Times are as follows:

Week 1: 7/7, 2pm | 7/11, 10:30am | 7/13, 1:30pm

Week 2: 7/18, 2:30pm  | 7/20, 11am

Week 3: 7/25, 3pm  | 7/27, 1pm

Week 4: 8/1, 3pm |  8/3, 11:30am

Sign up for a webinar at https://eltoro.com/resources/webinars/