6 Steps to IP Targeting

ip targeting stepsIP Targeting: What Made Us Famous

How does IP Targeting through El Toro really work for our clients?

While our technology speaks for itself, we also rely on you, the client, to help us optimize your campaign to ensure the highest level of conversions possible. Our technology has been proven to work time and time again. However, with this, we see that the best chance of conversions relies on your end of the equation.

Here at El Toro, we want to help you build up your end so that both your team and ours are satisfied with the end results.

We’ll break down the process of what we do into 6 simple steps. What we enable our clients to do is take IP Targeting, and make it more effective than ever.


1. Your List

First thing is first, you need a list! A large number of our clientele make use of our original founding product, IP Targeting, of which all of our other products have stemmed from. With our proprietary technology, we rely on your contact list in order to target your intended audience. We take your list and using our patented algorithm, we match your listed home addresses to their correlating IP address.

While we execute the IP and physical address matching, we depend on your list for the best success. We see certain attributes that work most successfully for our ad campaigns. For example, most of our clients bring us lists of past and current clients or prospects. With this, we encourage building your lists on those who have already engaged with your brand in the past, whether it resulted in a hot or cold engagement.

By targeting those who have engaged with your brand before, you are targeting those who have already shown an interest in your brand, and are therefore more likely to convert. Our technology serves as a unique way of targeting these prospects in a manner that no other digital advertising method can. By doing this, we also encourage prospects that are being hit concurrently, in order to increase the number of consumer touch points along the sales funnel.

If you’re looking to target in an Account Based Marketing format or within a B2B setting, check out our ABM page!


ip targeting steps

2. Your Banner

Your banner ad is one of the most essential aspects of your advertising campaign. Realize that your displayed ad is what people see first in regards to your brand. This puts a lot of pressure on creating a banner ad worthwhile.

Luckily, El Toro has a couple of resources of our own to help you optimize your display ad, check out our Ugly Ads vs Pretty Ads: A Paradox and our Five Elements of Great Display Ads post, as well as our Display Ad Template page for those ready to get started creating!

Utilize these three sources to help your marketing team create a display that will encourage consumers to be driven to your site and to engage with your brand. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of taking time and resources to invest in creating your best display possible.

Display ads should be compelling in a way that makes a consumer feel a strong urge to click on the advertisement. Thanks to El Toro’s hyper-accurate IP Targeting abilities, this gives you the ability to know your exact audience being targeted. With this, our clients have the ability to adapt your creatives around this knowledge. We find that the most personalized and localized ads tend to be the most compelling to consumers. Lifeless, generalized ads reap nowhere near the same level of conversions as personalized, compelling, localized, animated ads.


3. Landing Page

Your landing page is the destination that your ad takes consumers. Depending on the look and feel of your display ad, you may want to create a landing page completely separate from your regular website pages. When creating a landing page, we see that it resonates best to have a similar look and feel between the display ad and the landing page. By having linear creatives and copy, this helps build trust with the consumer that the ad they clicked on is authentic and trustworthy.


ip targeting steps4. Conversion Path

Across both your display ads and landing page, the most vital aspect is the optimization of your conversion path. Consumers need the smoothest path possible in order to increase the chance of conversions. Don’t let your conversion path get bogged down with pop-ups, long forms, or too many clicks to get to the sale. With this in mind, it’s important to emphasize that which is most important to conversions, the call to action. Too often landing pages get caught up in the muddle of bombarding consumers with heaps of information. Instead, the main focus needs to be that behind the call to action. By having a clear call to action, and making it as easy on the consumer as possible to get to that call of action, you can increase your chances of conversions from consumers.


5. Matchback Analysis

At El Toro, we pride ourselves in bringing complete transparency to our clients in regards to their campaign performance. While we show you metrics like click-through rates or impressions served, we don’t make use of these when showing the actual campaign success. We take your transaction data and match that against the physical address data that you gave to us to start the campaign. We then compare those numbers against one another to see who of those that were targeted ended up converting. With this, we strictly show those who had full conversions, giving you the clearest measure of campaign performance.


6. Be Smart

It’s pretty simple, be smart about who you execute digital advertising through. It’s important to invest your marketing budget in the most effective way possible. Here at El Toro, we’ve refined the process of IP Targeting to its most impeccable potential. What we do creates a form of digital marketing that cannot be done elsewhere in the industry. Due to our hyper local targeting and hyper-accurate abilities, we enable our clientele to be able to execute their digital advertising on a more precise scale than ever.

Start engaging in smart marketing spending, start investing in IP Targeting through El Toro.

Contact El Toro and get started today!


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