Engaging Consumers with IP Targeting this Black Friday

While Kris Kringle might still hold the title for the best time to shop, nothing quite compares to the chaos that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Fun fact: the first ever Black Friday was held all the way back in 1951, with the first Cyber Monday coming in 2005. These two days, both sandwiching the weekend after Thanksgiving, account for nearly $20B in sales each year, with the average consumer spending $128 on Black Friday and $312 on Cyber Monday.

A Mad Dash for Ads 

With the headlines out of the way, let's get into the meat of these “consumerdays”. Who should you be targeting on the weekend of deals? For starters, you should be formatting your ads for mobile. As talked about in a previous blog post, mobile traffic is quickly taking over the majority of online traffic. On Black Friday in 2019, 58% of traffic came from mobile devices, with a 2.9% conversion rate. For Cyber Monday in 2019, 43% of all purchases (not just traffic), came from mobile. Rather unsurprisingly, Amazon made up the bulk of sales on both days, crushing box stores with 24% of online sales–more than Best Buy and Walmart combined.

Demographically speaking, younger audiences resonated more with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals than older people. 58% of Gen Z and 54% of millennials stated they relied heavily on sales and deals. Research shows that men are more swayed by Black Friday deals than women are. According to a survey, 55% of men planned to shop Black Friday deals compared to 52% of women. That same survey also found that more Black Friday shoppers lived in the American South and North East.

Leveraging IP Targeting

So now that we know who is likely to respond to ads, how can we engage them? Formatting great creatives to fit mobile devices should be the number one priority. Regardless of demographics, mobile users make up the majority of eyeballs viewing ads and, on Cyber Monday, the majority of purchasers. 

With IP Targeting and Venue Replay from El Toro, advertisers can engage customers seen at physical retail locations like outlet shops, shopping malls, and downtown shopping centers. With this, you know who loves to shop and who is more likely to make purchases during Black Friday. 

Digital New Movers from El Toro gives advertisers unparalleled insight into the real estate market. Those advertising home services, lawn services, home goods/furniture stores, and DIY stores can take advantage of Digital New Movers before and around Black Friday to engage those who have moved or are in the process of moving to a new home with ads. 

Overall, there are many ways to leverage the benefits of IP Targeting to make sales this Black Friday/Cyber Monday. And with IP Targeting, you know you are reaching real people with real purchase intentions, which saves you money. If IP Targeting sounds beneficial for you this Black Friday, contact us to speak with an El Toro representative today.



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