Case Study: El Toro and Chevrolet Chicago

Company Profile

A local Chevrolet dealership in the western suburbs of Chicago took advantage of El Toro’s IP Targeting technology. The dealership is known for their commitment to providing outstanding customer service and quality vehicles at an affordable price. Customers frequently come from a variety of townships to purchase, or lease, a quality vehicle from the dealer’s team.

Campaign Strategy

With the extensive population residing in the Chicagoland area, it’s often difficult to get a message out to a desired target market amongst all the advertising noise. The dealership purchased a conquest data list of their target segment which included many of the surrounding townships in Chicago. This list was populated with 39,137 total individuals--of that list 22,124 of those were matched for El Toro’s IP Targeting.

Measurable Client Results

With El Toro’s IP Targeting technology, the dealership had a conversion rate of 0.09%, deriving a total of 21 conversions with those IP’s that were matched. This comprised 75% of conversions that occurred during the campaign. They realized a 130.70% lift in sales over a three month period by utilizing our IP Targeting technology.

A conquest list typically looks at distance from dealership, vehicle purchase date, credit score, and any other relevant information pertaining to the target audience. This is a great way to assure that you’re only targeting households within driving distance from the dealership, have a high likelihood of purchase, and qualify for financing.



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