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Digital Event Marketing: El Toro Style

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El Toro is home to incredible products. While we are most known for our IP targeting approach to digital advertising, not everyone knows just how far our abilities reach through our six distinct adtech products. El Toro’s technologies are known for taking digital advertising and making it more precise and powerful than any competitor in the market. A couple of El Toro’s products make it possible for us to get a firm grasp on digital event marketing. Captive Audience and Venue Replay are our premier products for allowing El Toro clients to engage in new strategies for effective digital event marketing.


Digital Event Marketing: Captive Audience

Captive Audience is El Toro’s cutting edge technology that allows us to target venues, colleges, hotels, and other centers via the IP network. In other words, Captive Audience allows you to send digital ads directly to devices connected to the network’s IP address associated with that building.


Strategy: Captive Audience at Trade Shows & Conventions

Conventions and trade shows alike have been a hot spot for marketing dollars for decades. Business conventions, chambers of commerce, even public gatherings like festivals and local events all offer ways to spend marketing dollars to reach attendees and event hosts. As dated as this may seem, we see events charging thousands for something as simple as a logo placement. This comes with only the hope that people see the advertisement and become familiar with your brand, knowing this holds a small chance at leading to a conversion.

Captive Audience takes the idea of targeting people at events and conventions, but makes it digital, enabling far greater reach, accuracy, and optimization. Conventions are a prime example, let’s say you have convention space and you want to drive people to your booth. During their visit at the event, El Toro’s Captive Audience technology can be utilized to target any device on the convention’s wifi and neighboring spaces such as hotels or coffee shops in order to serve people on these networks ads. By doing this, you can place your brand and message in front of people much more effectively, catching their attention while they’re at the event with real-time ads. This goes far beyond placing a logo somewhere within the venue in the hopes of it being viewed. You can instead ensure this viewability by targeting all devices within the chosen locations.


digital event marketingStrategy: Captive Audience at College Campuses

Brands that have a specific demographic for their clientele make it easy to utilize El Toro’s digital event marketing technologies. Our Captive Audience technology is often used to target college universities to get messages across to this mostly younger generation, a brilliant way to advertise to an always-online demographic. Take a local music festival for example. It knows their attendees are almost all between the ages of 18 and 25, making local universities and colleges a perfect match.

Through Captive Audience, the music festival can direct their advertising efforts to entire college campuses, targeting anyone on the campus networks with digital ads for the music festival. Not only does this assist in overall festival advertising, but by placing ads to those within the same geographic location, you also increase the chance of creating a mass wave of interest among like consumers.


Digital Event Marketing With Venue Replay

Venue Replay allows us to capture people’s Device IDs at high value locations. We have the ability to capture potential consumer’s Device IDs at events they attend, and where they work, study, or shop, all with the intent to advertise to this audience. With Geo-Framing, a technology created by El Toro, we can identify any devices after they leave a venue, and continue to target them with digital banner ads at their home and across all of their devices. With Venue Replay, we go back and capture devices from events that happened up to six months ago.


digital event marketingStrategy: Venue Replay at University Sporting Events

For any company whose main product or service is sports oriented, sporting events are an incredible place to target consumers. Since sporting events tend to cost a decent amount for tickets, take NFL tickets for example which tend to cost an average of $300 per ticket, these events can help distinguish those with a higher spending ability.

El Toro proudly partners with the Jurich Group on sports digital event marketing, lead by Mark Jurich. This has made it possible for El Toro to emphasize sports marketing across the country. Venue Replay has shown to be one of the key products in successfully executing sports advertising. One prime example of this is sports teams’ need for more season ticket purchases. A team wanting to garner more season ticket holders can do well by targeting those who have attended games in the past. Venue Replay makes it possible to go back six months and capture devices across that entire period, allowing for digital advertising to that audience.


Strategy: Venue Replay at Local Gyms

How can you get your event to stand out, and more importantly, get the word out to those who would most likely attend? Venue Replay is able to go after consumers within specific locations with high precision. This makes it possible to target locations where you know people with a particular interest were or will be in attendance. Take a weightlifting competition event for example. This event could post ads throughout all local avenues like newspapers and billboards, but would be wasting vast amounts of marketing dollars since reach would be too wide and undefined. With Venue Replay, this weightlifting event could specifically Geoframe any gym. They can do this and pull devices of people up to six months in the past that have been within these gyms. Once the gyms are framed, ads can then be served on the devices found within these locations. Not only this, but ad reach can then be extended as we are able to place ads across any devices within the household of the originally captured device.


El Toro’s Technology

El Toro prides itself on being the leader in the advertising industry for targeting people with unprecedented accuracy. Through this, we are able to use our technology to unlock potentials never before seen in advertising. Our digital event marketing technologies show this with transparency as these products are unlike anything else in the industry and have proven metrics behind them.

Take the time to get in touch with El Toro and see which of our revolutionary technologies your company can use to unlock your highest potential. Don’t waste any more marketing dollars on over-promised ad methods. El Toro is home to numerous case studies that back up and support our claims of being able to use your advertising budget to bring you the highest possible return.


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