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Why Fear a Cookieless Future When El Toro Has Always Been Cookieless?

Following the crumbs

Cookie-based targeting is an outdated technology that El Toro can certainly live without, so why can't digital marketers do the same? Research suggests that web browsers either delete or block about 64% of tracking cookies. Because of this, marketers can actually be throwing away a majority of their advertising spend on missed opportunities and unnecessary impressions.

Google Cookie

Currently, many of the largest companies in AdTech are on a quest to reinvent the cookie with Alternative Identity Providers (AIPs) because of cookies' inherent limitations and privacy concerns. One of these tech giants, Google, has attempted to replace third-party cookies with broad-based cookies, called Topics. No matter the name, a cookie is still a cookie. This is their second run at replacing cookies after abandoning the FLoC concept they introduced last year.

Cookies are messy. How can you live without them?

When searching for a product, why do you get retargeted with ads for a completely unrelated product? This happens often thanks to low cookie match rates of 40% to 60% caused by cookie fraud. These traditional forms of digital advertisement use metrics that are invasive and inaccurate tools for measurement.

Cookieless Future

The trend to reinvent the cookie world by AdTech giants means consolidating and hoarding the same consumer data it always has. For marketers, this will mean higher advertising spending for less accurate results, consolidated by fewer big players.  

In today’s market, measuring the ability of advertising to actually convert potential buyers to current buyers is more important than ever. The measurement of “clicks” as the benchmark in digital advertising is no longer acceptable. Experienced marketers are aware of the disproportionate amount of “click” fraud and demand data-driven results.

Using our patented MatchBack Analysis, El Toro provides clients with a true Return On Investment (ROI), without the use of cookies, UTM codes, conversion pixels, or call tracking. We eliminate the waste in your advertising spending, and precisely target with a 95% confidence level. This is why cookies and AIPs can’t keep up with the bulls.

Find your recipe for success

From day one, El Toro strayed from the herd by relying on cookieless targeting to connect with specific households, not with specific users. We have applied new digital targeting strategies and petabytes of data to replace an outdated concept… cookies.

With cookies and AIPs, AdTech giants are risking measurability, attribution, and transparency under the veil of consumer privacy. If you want specificity and granularity, you’ll need a company that uses data-driven, result-based technology, like El Toro.

To find out more about how El Toro’s revolutionary and patented advertising technology can help you thrive without third-party cookies, reach out to our team today.

Want to learn more? Check out our Cookieless World Webinar.


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