El Toro Launches Account Based Marketing Tool

Oct. 16, 2017- Louisville, KY -, an advertising technology company that ties IP addresses to physical mailing addresses, has officially launched the Polygon Mapping Tool for its B2B Account Based Marketing (ABM) suite as part of its self-service portal.

The highly-evolved Polygon Mapping Tool provides advertisers with the most sophisticated ABM technology on the market, enabling marketers to target businesses IP networks in real-time and even capture the mobile devices present at certain locations in the past for geo-targeting purposes.

“We’re excited to roll out the Polygon Mapping Tool for new and existing partners,” says David Stadler, Co-Founder and Vice President of Advertising Operations at El Toro. “We believe this product will make our Account Based Marketing offerings even more effective. With the polygon tool, you can target companies in real-time based on the IP address and continue to advertise to their employees after they leave by targeting their mobile devices.”

El Toro offers several products and tools that all stem from its patented IP-address-to-physical-mailing-address digital targeting system. This latest addition, the Account Based Marketing Polygon Mapping Tool makes hyper-targeting easy for Account Based Marketers in need of sophisticated geo-targeting solutions.

Targets for ABM can be created effortlessly with the Polygon Mapping Tool by typing the name or address of the business into a map interface and then drawing a polygon around the desired locations.


About El Toro:

Louisville, KY based El Toro is a privately held Advertising Technology (AdTech) company that has developed and patented processes to target digital advertising via Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. El Toro provides targeted digital advertising to many high-value locations including households, hotels, college campuses, stadiums, convention centers, government buildings, and more. This data is then used to hyper-accurately target individuals or various groups of people based on location. The El Toro technology is utilized by businesses of every scale -- from small automotive dealerships, to the Fortune 50. For more information, please visit El Toro at


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