How much of your traffic is real?

A recently released by cloud-based security firm Incapsula, found that 61.5 percent of all website traffic now comes from bots or non-human visitors. It’s no secret that bot traffic has exploded in the last several years, but it’s unusual to see a 3rd party quantify the numbers. Keep in mind that about ½ of this traffic comes from what Incapsula classifies as good bots, most commonly search engine indexing from companies like Google and Microsoft. Additionally, El Toro’s internal data suggests that between 5-10% of the remaining traffic comes from nefarious non-automated sources, specifically click farms and other schemes designed to defraud online advertisers. This would indicate that over 2/3 of total internet traffic has zero chance of conversion. Ultimately, this is great news for El Toro and our customers, since our patent-pending process eliminates bot and other nefarious traffic then delivers ads only to their intended audiences. If you would like to learn more about how El Toro can help your organization provide better targeting of your online ads please contact us.