El Toro Stampede

We are currently not visiting any cities. However, we'll be back stampeding very soon!

El Toro Stampede

The El Toro Stampede is our next step to continue spreading the gospel about El Toro’s industry leading digital advertising technology to the rest of America. While we regularly fly to New York and Los Angeles to meet our partners, we want to expand our reach to connect with our partners that might not be as centrally located. This year, instead of spending countless connections, complimentary cocktails and hours flying to LAX, LGA and JFK we’re going to spend our time meeting with our neighbors (and future partners) in middle America.

El Toro Stampede
Check the dates and come talk to us! We'd love to meet you.

About the Stampede
At El Toro we love all things bull, except of course the BS that accompanies most AdTech products. With the El Toro Stampede we are hitting the road. We’re going to visit ad agencies, digital marketing firms, direct mail shops, large brands, and political consultants to show them how El Toro can dramatically improve the results of their digital advertising. The stampede team includes several members of our executive team, product management, and sales staff flying to town for two days meeting with partners, potential partners, and large brands.

Would you like to meet us during our Stampede? There are two ways to interact with us: 1.) Schedule a meeting...that’s why we’re in town! We’ll demo our technology and show you how to increase the results of your digital advertising in about an hour. 2.) On Thursday night we will host a Happy Hour at a local watering hole in the city we are stampeding where you can interact with our team and ask questions in a social environment. Or you can just show up and enjoy some fine bourbon - we are from Kentucky, after all. You can register for either option at the appropriate link below. Or, if you just have general question, you can contact us.

So What Exactly Is El Toro?
El Toro has invented a way to target digital advertising to individual locations by mapping IP addresses to physical addresses. El Toro eliminates much of the waste and fraud that is inherent in traditional digital advertising. Additionally, since El Toro targets real people based on physical mailing addresses, we can precisely measure the impact our digital ads have on our client’s sales. TechRepublic called our technology “a phone book for the Internet.” Our technology is used by some of the largest ad agencies in the world (WPP, Omnicom), direct mail companies (RR Donnelley), media companies (Cox Media and Tribune) and brands (Humana, GE and Home Depot).

When you see and react to an ad that is extraordinarily relevant and well targeted, that’s probably us. Because of the results we produce for clients and partners, we have grown over 14,000% in the last three years and were selected as E&Y Regional Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2016. To learn more about our products check out our product page.

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Should I Attend?
If you have read this far and you are into digital advertising or technology, then yes! If you work in marketing or advertising, you will not regret learning a little more about El Toro. Fill out the form above to get in touch with us. Set up a one-on-one meeting or sign up for our Happy Hour, an event we'll host at a local bar. See you there!

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