Understand And Reach Your Student Audience: 3 Digital Strategies For Higher Education

What Are The Best Tools For Digital Advertising In Higher Education?

Digital advertising is a powerful tool for higher education institutions to reach niche audiences of potential students and parents at the household level. With IP Targeting, higher education institutions can deliver hyper-targeted ads to increase prospects, leads, applications, and enrollments among qualified candidates.

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El Toro has launched hundreds of higher education campaigns to generate brand awareness and student conversions for programs ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate, in-person, online, certificates, and ongoing education. Armed with this experience, we have determined there are three patented El Toro ad tech solutions revolutionizing the digital advertising sphere for higher education.

1. Venue Replay

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a major online university was seeking to inform potential students about the value and safety of an online degree. With our Venue Replay technology, the university was able to deliver advertisements to over 600,000 students who had previously been seen on college campuses and were now staying home due to the pandemic. With El Toro, the university’s advertising campaign saw an increase in transfer enrollment and brand resonance with a +$6.3 million in estimated future tuition. Even with the pandemic slowing down, the university has continued to run campaigns with El Toro as a key part of its recruitment process.

2. Web-to-Home

One of El Toro’s higher education clients needed to engage with its website visitors who showed interest in its undergraduate and graduate programs. With our Web-to-Home technology, the university was able to pixel-specific program web pages, collect the IP addresses of website visitors that interacted with the pages, and send direct mail pieces about the program of interest to the website visitor’s household address within 48 hours. 

3. IP Targeting

Recently, a university with +100k students was seeking to showcase its business school and boost enrollment in its award-winning accounting program. With our IP Targeting technology and the university’s highly-qualified potential student list, we were able to match 75% of the home addresses on the list to IP addresses. El Toro delivered digital advertisements to these individuals across all devices in the home, promoting the benefits of furthering their education and accounting career. With El Toro, the university’s advertising campaign was a huge success with a 0.93% conversion rate, five times the university’s average conversion rate.

How To Measure The Success Of Your Digital Advertising Campaigns In Higher Education 

After surveying El Toro’s higher education clients, the majority have noted the transparency of our Matchback Analysis as the game-changing element in their campaigns. With our Matchback Analysis, higher education institutes can easily identify and prove their conversion rate. Our Matchback reporting option is the El Toro difference, as many other advertising tools cannot identify one-to-one conversions to show a real return on investment (ROI).   

Reach out to our team today to start leveraging the power of digital advertising in your higher education campaigns.


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