Track Clicks on Flash Creatives Using clickTAG

[vc_row top="100px"][vc_column][vc_column_text]Clients occasionally have issues properly configuring the clickTAG in a Flash creative.  The clickTAG is an important variable because it allows us to measure the number of clicks on each ad.  This article is designed to describe some of the important considerations when adding a clickTAG to Flash ads.

For Flash creatives, whether hosted or URL, you will need to use a clickTAG variable which is an industry standard method of tracking clicks. ClickTAGs are simple ActionScript snippets that can be programmed in Flash on a button or the main timeline in order to pass customized click URLs. For guidance on setting up a Flash file to use the clickTAG variable, please see  ClickTAGs allow El Toro to dynamically insert our click tracking URL in the click path. The click will come to us first and we will redirect the user on to the landing page after we record the click.

Please note:

•  The clickTAG variable is case sensitive in new versions of Flash.

•  At this time, we do not support the tracking of multiple click URLs

•  All landing pages should open in a new browser window so the user does not leave the publisher’s site. If this is not the case, check the ActionScript in your creative.

•  The _blank target field tells the browser to open the landing page in a new window

•  El Toro supports both ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3.