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In the Beginning…

In the beginning of the ad tech world, all was chaos. Ad fraud ran rampant, offline results were impossible to measure for an online ad campaign, and people used inaccurate cookie and contextual targeting, throwing their advertising dollars down the drain. *gasp* When suddenly, like an angel from the heavens, El Toro emerged to save the world of ad tech from these horrors. Delivering ads without the need for cookies and providing advertisers with unparalleled insight into their ads. 

While all of that sounds nice, let's dive into what El Toro has been doing after more than a decade in the ad tech industry. 

The Launch

We first launched our IP Targeting tech back in 2012 after our founders devised a mechanism to associate IP and physical mailing addresses, enabling hyper-targeted advertising directly to households without cookies. In 2014, we received our first patent (the first of many) for our IP Targeting technology—a proud moment in the company’s history and something that solidified our foundation. And our growth would continue on an upward trajectory following.

Keeping the Train Rolling

In 2016, after seeing many different businesses and sectors using IP Targeting, we knew it was time to expand technologically to better serve this diverse array of clients. From 2016 onwards, we added several new technologies including Digital New Movers, Venue Replay, and Digital Canvassing, turning El Toro into a one-stop-shop for all digital advertising needs. We followed up a fantastic 2016 with the release of Web-to-Home in 2017. And in 2018, we added advanced reporting capabilities through Power BI. This helped us understand how to leverage our data for insights.

In 2020 and 2021, we launched OTT as a new media type for us, followed by IP+, Direct Mail Services, and Social Media Targeting. And more recently, in 2022, we launched our new website. This year, 2023, we celebrated the launch of Bullseye Reports. With all of these different products at our disposal, it's no wonder El Toro can meet the needs of clients in sectors from Automotive, to Real Estate, to Retail, to Political.

The El Toro Difference

We like to set ourselves apart in a lot of ways; it's one of the reasons we are one of the biggest disruptors in the ad tech industry. We do almost everything differently: our focus, our approach, and our technology. 

Firstly, our focus. We have always held transparency and accuracy as our top priorities. We stand by our commitment to both of these and hold ourselves to a high standard. This high standard is why data ingestion is limited to the minimum data required to complete our tasks. It is also why we have a 95% confidence interval in our data.

With our approach and technology, we set ourselves apart with IP Targeting. It allows us to focus on human behavior and engage real prospects with ads to their households, all while being cookie-free. It is also where our digital trinity comes from. This trinity shows how we interpret the relationship between an IP address, a physical address, and a mobile advertising device ID (MAID).

Where We Fit In

There are many key players in the world of programmatic advertising, from data suppliers to demand-side platforms (DSPs) to ad exchanges. El Toro is what is known as a media agency. Our role is to create and handle advertising content for our clients (advertisers).

As mentioned above, we see ourselves as a one-stop shop for digital advertising. With our access to some of the best 3rd-party data providers, we leverage our IP+ technology to provide demographic, geographic, and lifestyle data to clients for targeting. We also push ads to social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Clients can also leverage El Toro’s technology to reach OTT customers, the most captive ad viewers as we have discussed in a previous blog. All of this allows El Toro clients to utilize the efficiency and accuracy of IP Targeting technology with an omnichannel presence. Ensuring your company reaches the right audience with the right message at the right time. If you are looking to join this ad tech revolution and be a part of the cookieless future, contact us.



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