What Will Open Enrollment Marketing Look Like This Year?

The yearly period in the fall when people can enroll in a health insurance plan for the next calendar year is approaching. Each year brings opportunities for health insurance companies to recruit and maintain customers, as 45% of insured Americans consider changing health insurance during open enrollment. With health, financial, and family situations changing from year to year, consumers are constantly evaluating their health insurance plans and providers.

Ensuring you accurately deliver personalized digital ads to consumers interested in switching health insurance is essential as 72% of consumers use their mobile device to complete health-related tasks along the patient journey. Imagine if you could deliver hyper-targeted ads reminding employees to enroll or even switch health insurance providers. What if you could precisely target high-value locations to build an audience based on where people congregate, such as where they work? With El Toro, healthcare providers can confidently identify, target, and convert employees of businesses they currently cover or do not cover with digital ads and direct mail pieces at the household level. 

Targeting Employees For Open Enrollment.

For consumers, deciding on a healthcare plan and provider comes down to personalization. To provide personalized healthcare experiences cost-effectively, health insurance marketers are turning to the premier choice for digital advertising, El Toro IP Targeting. IP Targeting in digital advertising is the practice of delivering targeted digital advertisements to consumers connected to an IP address. It is not limited to just a household address. El Toro's patented and revolutionary IP Targeting technology can be executed at any location where an IP address is located through a Wi-Fi access point.

We let the tech do the talking.

With El Toro's unparalleled ad tech solutions, you can differentiate employees from non-employees at locations such as corporate offices or quick-service restaurants. When paired with El Toro’s Venue Replay and Venue Replay to Direct Mail products, you can accurately identify employees' mobile devices from up to six months in the past by detecting patterns in footfall traffic using frequency filters. Employees typically work specific days during a scheduled time, making it easy for El Toro to identify and separate their mobile devices from customer or client devices.

After successfully matching the targeted IPs to the physical addresses, the matched audiences can be sent digital ads on their household devices and direct mail pieces to their homes within 24 hours. El Toro’s Venue Replay and Venue Replay to Direct Mail products ensure your enrollment plan is not only in the minds of consumers but also in the hands of consumers while evaluating health insurance plans and providers.

To learn more about how El Toro's patented advertising technology is reimagining how businesses and consumers connect, check out our case studies or reach out to our team today.


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