Confidently Deploy Campaigns With The First And Only Political Guarantee 

Data-driven political advertising is a growing industry that has become essential to campaign strategy. With data and analytics being vital to a candidate's success, El Toro is the difference between winning and losing. We’re confident that El Toro’s patented advertising and data solutions will work for your race. That’s why El Toro is the first and only political AdTech company to offer a results guarantee for political digital advertising. 

El Toro’s Political Guarantee states if you use El Toro IP Targeting for any GOTV campaign of over $100,000 and El Toro does not increase turnout among targeted voters by at least 5%, you will receive 50% of your money back. El Toro knows we are the best digital advertising tool for getting political campaigns more votes, and we can prove it. It’s simple; El Toro has worked in over 4,000 races in the last couple of years. With El Toro, it’s never too late. Launch your campaign the same day you spend, all within a matter of hours.

Are you ready to run with the bull? If you have any questions regarding the El Toro GOTV campaign or our Political Guarantee, contact your Sales Account Executive or visit our contact page at


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