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Data drives every decision in the win-or-go-home world of political advertising. With American politics as competitive as ever, how can your campaign strategy utilize data and successfully lock down constituents?  El Toro has the answer: effectively identify and capture the attention of your target audience using our cookie-free targeting technology. 

Digital advertising is an effective method to reach constituents wherever they are, which is increasingly online. Reports show that about 65% of adults in the U.S. gather information about candidates and elections through digital channels: smartphones, tablets, laptops/desktops, and TVs. In the past few years, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Internet was considered the most important medium for political advertisers, accounting for 51% of total media ad spending in 2020. 

This year's election is no different, with a projected global digital ad spend of $753 billion. These projections prove that if there is a time to incorporate digital advertising in your campaign, it's now.

Every vote counts. Here's how to lock them down.

Since 2016, El Toro has run over 4,000 political advertising initiatives. Armed with this experience, we recommend focusing on four impactful variables that determine a campaign's likelihood of winning: 

Political clients that combine creative types—banner ads and video ads—see greater success than those who don't. Combining creative types allows you to target constituents on various devices, achieving a broader reach. El Toro’s political clients are nearly 12.5% more likely to win their election when combining banner and video or OTT ads. 

A political advertising campaign’s timeframe is crucial for success, as it determines whether or not someone will retain and recall information. As more elections allow mail-in ballots and longer voting windows, a longer yet strategic timeframe is more important than ever. El Toro’s political clients are 20.2% more likely to win their election when running initiatives for 26 days or more.

The frequency of a political initiative drives exposure, as frequency is the number of times a person is exposed to your campaign ads. Repeat exposure leads to name and issue recognition, and often a voting decision. El Toro’s political clients are 15.8% more likely to win their election when displaying creative types at least 40 times to each target audience.

The coverage of a political initiative drives awareness and votes, as coverage is the expected number of people who will be exposed to your campaign. The more people exposed to your campaign, the more influence you have over votes. El Toro’s political clients with a coverage rate of at least 25% are more likely to win their election than those who don’t. 

These four variables, combined with El Toro’s diverse selection of political data providersL2, GOP Data Trust, Aristotle, NGP Van, and Know Whomake for the most impactful targeting. El Toro’s political providers use voter demographic data gathered from public state voting records and trusted partner sources. The partnerships allow El Toro’s political clients to target constituents using standard and premium filters: geography, political party, voting frequency, age, gender, history of charitable donations, and much more. 

El Toro runs digital ads to get votes, not clicks.

At El Toro, we are about results, not clicks. El Toro’s IP Targeting technology makes it easier for you to reach your intended audience of real constituents, track campaign performance, and confidently secure the votes of specific constituents. When you use our patented IP Targeting for a qualifying Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign of over $100,000, El Toro guarantees an increased turnout of at least 5%, or we return 50% of your money. We are the first and only AdTech company to offer a results guarantee for political advertising because we know and can prove our technology delivers real results that win races. 

To learn more about El Toro's patented advertising technology and for more details about our political guarantee, reach out to our team today.


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