Programmatic Advertising

What is programmatic advertising? Specifically, what is programmatic ad buying? If you’re in the business of marketing or advertising, programmatic advertising is something you will want to be well versed in as it continues to increase its prominence every year in the digital advertising world. Learn the four types of programmatic for your next digital ad campaign!

5 Banner Ad Guidelines

Banner Ad Guidelines To Follow In 2018 By: Kramer Caswell Banner ads are our specialty here at El Toro. Each day, our team reviews banner ads to make sure they pass the required creative audit before serving. With years of experience, our AdOps specialists have become some of the most knowledgeable in the field on what works with creatives and what doesn’t. Building off of our last post regarding landing page best practices, here are...

Retail Attribution

The retail industry has undergone many changes in the past decade. With the rise of digital shopping, companies are constantly looking for ways of proving retail attribution offline and online. The ability to have increased accountability for every ad dollar spent is something that’s becoming more prevalent among all retail companies.

4 Things to Consider When Investing in Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising Tips By: Jeremy Sneed "Advertising's not going away. Really sh**ty advertising is going away, and I bid that farewell," said David Droga in opening Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity for 2018. Ad platforms continue to unveil the latest and greatest ad practices, providing the biggest bang for your buck in digital ad spending. Each of these new platforms causes increased competition, creating a battle for optimal CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions). This begs...